Why a Buyer’s Agent
Most real estate transactions have representation of the seller by a listing broker also known as an Agency Relationship.  What this means to you, the buyer, is that the listing agent has a fiduciary or “trust” responsibly to the seller to do their best to get the best price for a property.  If you, the buyer, use the same listing agent for your representation, the listing broker must treat you as a neutral customer.  This is not to say that the listing broker will not be fair with you, but their responsibility lies with the seller.

The buyer agent relationship is becoming more popular every year for just this reason.  As the buyer agent the realtor helps you through the due diligence, negotiation and transaction with a fiduciary “trust” relationship with only you the buyer.  This need is recognized by the real estate industry so the fees for the buyer agent are typically paid through the listing agents commission.  The buyer agent also will also have insight and local knowledge of the area you are interested in.

When you decide to look for a land investment in Montana, researching different realtor’s listings can get to a point where they all look alike. Consider working with a real estate agent that has a lifetime background of owning and operating Montana ranches, yet works for one of the strongest real estate firms in Montana.   As a buyer, it will be the best move you can make.

Having bought and sold three different ranches of my own gives me a unique view of Montana land, Montana ranches and the transactions involved in them.  You tend to remember the lessons better if they happen to you, as opposed to watching them happen to someone else.

Every piece of land and every land deal is different.  As with business, the details are something learned over time.  Unlike people, not all land is created equal.  My dad always told me “You will pay for good land once but you will pay for poor land the rest of your life.”  

Getting Started
Once I understand exactly what  you are looking for I will begin buy narrowing down the search to the parts of Montana that fits your desires.  Researching the listings for that area will be next, along with ranchers that I know who have  land that fits your needs but may not be listed with any realtor.  Suitable Montana properties will then be presented to you to narrow the search for the right place.  Finally we will work together to obtain you the best Montana Land Investment to fit your needs.